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US users may be interested in checking out They are a trusted online retailer of hand dryers and other commerical washroom appliances, such as wall mounted hair dryers and baby changing stations. They've been around since 2010 and are a leading retailer of quality washroom hand dryers.

Discount Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings for Businesses

Listed directly below is our large selection of Bathroom Fixtures. We work closely with eBay and Paypal, and as a result all these Bathroom Fixtures can be ordered safely and securely with the help of their industry beating payment and customer protection systems.

Contour Wall Hung Urinals from Armitage Shanks


We're a huge fan of these new countour urinals from Armitage Shanks. Made from vitreous China, they are well suited for bathrooms and washrooms in hospitals and schools. They are available on the Armitage Shanks website so be sure to check them out and enquire about a brochure.

No longer selling products on our Website

We regret to inform our customers that we will no longer be selling products from our website because of payment processing problems. As of immediate effect we have had to remove all product categories from our website!! Products are still available from our eBay store. Instead we will use this website to post news and reviews on recent and upcoming products and brand in the industry. Sorry for any inconvience but we plan to launch a seperate e-store as soon as possible.

Super quick dry times with Handy Dryers

One of our first brands we'd like to mention are Handy Dryers ( They are a quality manufacturer of Hand Dryers in the UK offering first class products. Delivery at only £10 on all orders and they have an 'Excellent' rating on Trustpilot. Their products include High Speed Dryers, Blade Dryers and Towel Dispensers.

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So, what exactly makes us so good? We truly hope that we manage things a little differently from the other online merchants. Our company has more than 9 years of in-depth experience of e-commerce, and we have learned that most of the other businesses are not really offering an acceptable service. Anyone can sell something via the internet but do they sell it professionally? and is the whole procedure pleasurable and safe from start to finish?.

Each product viewable on this internet site is distributed by the sellers that advertised them, or supplied by our commercial partners at the primary sales sites. Easily put, this indicates that you will be protected by their superb customer safeguard program. Your item will be delivered by the specific seller that exhibited your merchandise. Typically, this means that you could take delivery of the merchandise in 1 week, but most times considerably quicker.

An additional advantage of buying in this manner, is that you generally profit by their assistance in the event that the items go missing in the course of shipment. Unless the trader can demonstrate the items had been received, you can receive complete recompense.

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